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Dried botao (Amarelino)

Have you ever heard of a plant whose flowers feel like velor and look like small buttons? This is dried botao, also called Amarelino.



Botao, also known as Amarelino, is a plant native to South America. Outside its native area, it is rarely found - it is not popular even in garden cultivation. However, the species is valued by florists and handicraft enthusiasts. Botao produces beautiful, small flowers that are suitable for drying as they contain little water. Dried Amarelino is distinguished by a straight and stiff stem ending in spherical flowers resembling small buttons.

What does Botao look like? 

Botao catches the eye with its unique flowers that appear at the tops of its stiff stems. The inflorescences are in the form of umbels composed of small baskets. Thanks to this, they look like buttons, which in turn translates into the name of the plant: botao in Portuguese means button. An interesting fact is that dried Amarelino is extremely pleasant to the touch. The flowers resemble velvet with their texture.

Botao in natural conditions and in cultivation 

The homeland of Botao is South America, where the plant can be found as a naturally growing species. Due to its growing popularity in floristry, Amarelino is also grown for dry flowers. The species, even in cultivated form, is rarely found outside its native area. It does not occur in Poland.

The use of dried Amarelino

Small flowers with an interesting shape make dried Botao valued by florists. It is perfect as a complement to compositions made of both fresh and dried flowers. It is available in various colors, which makes it easy to match it to the style of the bouquet. Dried Amarelino successfully works as a complementary plant to other species. They can be combined with exotic banksia or protea, as well as with more popular plants: Ammobium, Acroclinium, Celosia or Phalaris. The universal appearance of Botao makes it fit into compositions in which the main role is played by Eryngium, thistle or Glixia. Nothing stands in the way of putting a bunch of Amarelino in a vase. The plant also looks great solo. In this version, it can become a beautiful decoration of a modern interior.

Dried botao attracts the attention of handicraft lovers. Single flowers can be used to create wreaths of dried flowers or embedded in resin. They will also look beautiful in small compositions under a glass dome. They can also be used to decorate candles. Dried amarelino will look beautiful on 3D images or scrapbooking greeting cards.

Dried Botao in Blosmi

Dried Botao is available at Blosmi in both bleached and dyed colors. Each bunch consists of shoots about 50 cm long. The approximate weight of the bundle is 80 g, which corresponds to approx. 100 flowers. All plants are carefully packed and secured for transport.

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