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Dried lagurus

Lagurus is a plant also known as bunny tail trass or rabbit grass. It is now found on all continents, but its origin is in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic coast. Its name comes from the Greek words logos and cura, which mean hare and tail. Known and used as ornamental grass.



Dried light blue Lagurus - bunny tail grass ~60 stems Dried light blue Lagurus - bunny tail grass ~60 stems
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Dried neon pink Lagurus - bunny tail grass ~60 stems Dried neon pink Lagurus - bunny tail grass ~60 stems
Vendor: Blosmi


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Lagurus and its origin 

The bunny tail grass (Lagurus ovatus) is an annual or biennial plant. It is an ornamental grass of the grass family, characteristic of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic coast. It can be grown in a pot or in a garden. The dried Lagurus is one of the most popular grasses used to create dry bouquets.

What does a Lagurus look like? 

Lagurus is considered a rather small plant, but it is interesting enough to fit it perfectly into a bouquet and make a great impression on the recipient. It grows up to 40 cm in height. It is characterized by quite wide leaves (up to 1.5 cm) and dense, egg-shaped panicles which are green at first and turn silvery over time. The botanical name of this grass in Greek is logos (hare) and oura (tail), which directly refer to its characteristic panicles. Dried Lagurus adds lightness and fluffiness to any composition in which it is found. It can be combined with other dry grasses and fresh or dried flowers.

Where does the Lagurus grow?

Ornamental grass, which is Lagurus, comes from the Mediterranean region and the Atlantic coast, but now it is successfully cultivated almost everywhere - also in Poland. It is a ruderal plant, so it appears in warm and poor wasteland soils. It blooms from May to August. Often this plant can be found on the edges of roads or reloading yards.

The bunny tail grass as a decoration

The undoubted advantage of this dry grass for decoration is that it is not demanding to cultivate, it prefers sandy soil - from medium to low fertility. A big plus is also the low risk of diseases and pests in the case of cultivation. Another advantage is its attractive appearance, which makes it impossible to pass by this plant indifferently. The Lagurus is perfect for floristic decorations. It looks attractive in various types of bouquets, wreaths and centerpieces.

Dried Lagurus in Blosmi 

The Lagurus panicle has an oval-shaped, pleasant-to-touch top that tapers upwards. Lagurus can be used in dry bouquets, flower arrangements or decorations under a dome. It is available in natural, bleached and colored versions.




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